Mobile Time and Expense for Dynamics SL

Enhance your Dynamics SL experience with a powerful integration between Beyond Software's Mobile T&E solution and Microsoft Dynamics SL's project functionality, developed by the creators of Solomon Software. Quickly and easily record time, expenses and to-do list items while on the go from ANY device.


Beyond Software Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics SL



Simple Interface

Beyond's T&E app is easy to use and intuitive, requiring minimal setup & training.


Powerful Performance

Beyond's native iOS/Android app provides superior and reliable performance.


Flexible For You

Role-based configuration provides users with the information they need most at their fingertips.


Simplify the Burden of Capturing Time

The integration enables you to simplify the burden of capturing time spent on projects. Employees can edit, delete and copy timesheets, as well as, see daily and weekly totals. Employees can also enter detailed notes on the work completed. Since Beyond is a mobile app, employees can enter their time whenever they are connected to the internet instead of waiting until they are back in the office.

Easy Expense Entry

Mobile Expense Entry allows employees to enter expenses directly to a project, and gives you the option to reimburse the employees for these expenses. Once entered, the expense report can be immediately routed for review and approval, keeping the invoicing process moving and leading to better cash management. You can even attach receipts to the report making expense reporting paperless.


Our employees spend less time entering time and expenses; it takes fewer mouse clicks to accomplish tasks.


Dashboards allow employees to quickly see their pending time and expenses; one click and they are editing/adding to their timesheets or expense reports.


...the intuitiveness of the program...we brought up 150 users in ONE day with minimal training required...

Beyond's T&E Solution Integrates Seamlessly Out-of-the-Box with Microsoft Dynamics SL

  • Employees can enter time in a daily or weekly view.
  • Employee time report entry can be supported down to the task level of a project.
  • Time entries can be approved by week or project; whichever best fits how the project manager is monitoring the project.
  • Time can be approved in one step by the project manager, or a two-step process when two managers are required to approve the time.
  • Dashboards enable you to view hours entered by project, day, week or month.
  • Employee expense report entry can be supported down to the task level of a project.
  • Expense entries can be approved by expense report or by project to prevent incorrect expenses from being charged to a project.
  • Dashboards can be customized to meet your team's needs and help you better manage your projects.

Additional Mobile Applications to Increase Productivity

Action Manager

Actions allows employees to keep a mobile “To Do” list with them at all times. Actions provides you with a single place to track the “next  actions” you need to take for projects or teams you are managing and for your own individual or private actions.


RightPage is a brainstorming app that helps your organization to be more agile, aligned, focused, and profitable. Easily collaborate with team members to solve problems and agree on priorities faster.

Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager allows employees to have a clear meeting purpose and agenda. With the ability to carry-forward open items for closure, review actions & plan progress in real-time and track individual assignments, you can eliminate wasted meeting time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Currently the integration works with Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011, SL 2015 and SL 2018 instances with the latest cumulative updates.

No - the Beyond Software mobile app can handle all of your time and expense entry and approvals.


Frequency of data synchronization is configurable your business needs.

Yes - there is a configurable setting in Beyond Software that allows you to choose whether or not employees can change timesheets after they have already been approved. Corrected/approved timesheets will then flow into Dynamics SL.

Unlike in Dynamics SL, Beyond automatically recognizes the correct period for timesheets that fall over two periods.

The Beyond Software mobile app is priced per user/per month, billed annually. Additional charges may apply based on setup consulting from your Dynamics SL partner.

Users will have access to mobile time and expense entry, as well as additional Beyond Software productivity tools including Action Manager, Meeting Manager, and RightPage - at no additional cost.

Because Beyond is in the cloud, there are no additional costs for upgrades, backups, servers and the associated technology updates and security patches.

Mobile Time and Expense Tracking for Dynamics SL