Professional Services Automation (PSA) Software


Beyond Software allows your organization to maximize profitability by seamlessly connecting your project and financial accounting, enabling you to manage all stages of your project from conception to completion.





Financial Management


Automate tasks related to bank reconciliation, automate your payables and receivables management, manage cash, increase financial control, and record and analyze your financial information.
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project accounting

Project Accounting


Set up an unlimited number of projects, manage your resources and track all aspects of costs versus revenue so you can proactively analyze and manage your projects to profitability. 
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Time and Expense


Employees can easily record their time down to the task level on projects, giving you visibility into their work, while improving cash flow and billing cycle times. Stay connected with Beyond Software mobile. 
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 invoice (1)

Billing and Invoicing


Select from a variety of invoice formats, customize the level of detail on each invoice, and easily reverse and re-issue invoices if a customer disputes a charge.
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Project Resources


Beyond helps you to focus your resources to improve project execution. Effectively assign and manage resources and their rates, balance and optimize staff utilization to increase revenue per employee.
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Dashboards and Reports


Quickly conduct powerful self-service analysis with a flexible analytics solution. The enhanced reporting, dashboards and consoles deliver relevant insight into your projects and financials.
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"Beyond Software is feature rich and flexible. We are able to efficiently manage a large number of projects, sub-contractors and expense reports. The reporting and consoles make analyzing our data much easier and they provide our organization with actionable business intelligence. Beyond Software is a powerful PSA solution that I would recommend to any project focused business."


 - John Penezic, Sam Brown Inc.

Web-based and secure software.

Our digital world is changing the way services organizations interact with project accounting software and Beyond Software takes advantage of this by giving you a solution that travels with you and 24/7 access to your data with the tools you need to consistently deliver profitable project plans, on-time and on-budget. Your team members need the right information and tools at their fingertips to deliver instant status updates, make better decisions faster, and execute effectively.


Beyond Software arms your professionals with intuitive, modern tools that allow them to quickly adapt to changing client expectations. It also supports configurations to deliver user and role-specific experiences that make it easier to execute the process steps that are required for a particular role or individual.


Beyond Software provides a much higher level of security than clients can typically provide for themselves. We have redundant instances in extremely secure data centers in multiple geographies, and we automatically back up your data.

Save time, lower your costs and simplify the administration of your PSA system.

Web Installations are installed and working in a fraction of the time it takes to deploy an on-premise solution. Our rapid deployment gets your organization up and running quickly and affordably. It enables your organization to increase client satisfaction, manage your resources and projects and maximize profitability while maintaining a low total cost of ownership. Beyond Software manages the on-going maintenance and upgrades with no interruption to your business because we take care of everything behind the scenes.


There is no need for extensive IT infrastructure and you will save money because there is no buying hardware to host your applications or using internal IT resources to install and maintain the software, so you can start to work with the software immediately. It’s also simple to scale the software to accommodate your growth because you don’t have to invest in additional server capacity and on premise licenses, just adjust your subscription.

Take the next step - start increasing your project profitability.