Project Resources

Beyond Software allows you to boost your resource utilization without adding costs by managing your most valuable resource, your people, effectively and decreasing your costs by putting the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Manage the timing of work & individual workloads.

In Beyond Software, a Resource is someone who can enter time, have time entered for them, create an expense report, be assigned as a project manager, or be assigned as a task manager. When a resource is defined, they can be set up as a Team Member or a Subcontractor, allowing companies to staff projects with employees or contract staff.


Project Resources Highlights

  • Resources can be Team Members (employees) or Subcontractors.

  • All resources have a Team Leader.

  • All resources are assigned an Employment Date.

  • Resources have employment history records allowing team members/subcontractors to be assigned to a project. When the project is complete, they can be marked inactive. When the next project is set to begin, they can easily be re-activated, their rate adjusted for the project (if needed), and then they are ready to work.

  • Easily update resource rates with two clicks; one for the Effective Date and the other for the new Rate. Your resource is ready to charge time.

  • Resources are directly tied to vendors (in the case of an employee needing an expense reimbursement) and can be directly tied to user accounts (in the case where a resource is also a user in the system). Beyond Software’s re-use of “master” records in the system prevents a disconnected disorder of loosely related vendor, resource, and user records that could otherwise easily become out of sync.



Resourcing projects with the correct skillset, and often with short notice, requires the ability to rapidly identify the right individual and set them up so they can start charging their time to a project immediately. Beyond Software project resources can easily be activated and deactivated to align to the fast pace of project management. Quickly identifying and securing the correct resources for a project gives you a competitive advantage in today’s business market. Accurate accounting for resource rates is also a critical need for managing projects. Beyond Software makes it easy to onboard a resource so their time is spent on the project, not on the bench.


Balance and optimize staff utilization across the organization with Beyond Software. It enables rapid and accurate management of resources for short-term and long-term projects allowing precision to be incorporated into assigning the correct resource at the best possible rate to your projects. Customer satisfaction is optimized by having the right individuals assigned to the project so the work will be done right the first time. Beyond Software makes it easy to activate or deactivate resources and assign accurate rates for each individual within the system, so project managers know they have the project properly staffed and costs aligned with the budget, keeping the customer’s best interests in mind.

Next level performance begins with effective utilization of available expertise. Beyond Software will help you optimize staff utilization so your organization will increase revenue per employee, client satisfaction and profitability.

Project Resource Screen.png

The Resource screen allows for the setup of the Team member (or subcontractor) master record. Basic information such as name, address, employment information, and team leader can be specified. A history of pay rates and various defaults can also be recorded.

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