Mobile Time and Expense Entry

Capture your time and expenses from any device, anywhere, at any time with the Beyond Software mobile app.

Easy Time and Expense Entry

Capturing time is easy in the Beyond Software mobile app.

  • Employees can enter time in a daily or weekly view from their phone, tablet, or web browser.
  • Eliminate paper receipts by attaching pictures of recepits to the expense entry, which serves as an audit trail.
  • Time and expense report entry is supported down to the task level of a project.


Mobile Time and Expense Entry in Beyond Software

Learn more about how Beyond Software's mobile app makes it easy for your employees to record their time and expenses on-the-go.



Easy Time and Expense Approval

The Beyond Software app makes it easy for project managers to have visibility into project and team member activities.

  • Time entries can be approved by day, week or project.
  • Expense entries can also be approved by expense report or by project to prevent incorrect expenses from being charged.
  • Entries can be reversed and re-entered if an entry error is identified after it has been approved. 

It's THAT easy.

Entering time and expenses has never been easier. This quick video illustrates how you can enter time from your phone or mobile device in less than a minute.


 Simplify the burden of capturing time and expenses.



Stay connected on the go.

With Beyond Software's mobile application employees can quickly record their time, expenses, and to-do list while on the go, instead of waiting until they are back in the office. It enables easy time and expense entry, allowing employees to spend more of their time working on projects.

project visibility.png

Increase project visibility.

The mobile app, in addition to the existing client applications, allow team leaders and project managers visibility into project progress so they can ensure projects are completed on schedule, on budget, and profitably, as well as, providing the ability to review time entries before they are approved against an incorrect project, preventing costly data entry errors. 

document management.png

Simplify document management.

Beyond Software's mobile app also enables employees to easily record their time and expenses down to the task level on projects, using any Android, iOS, or Windows device. This improves cash flow and billing cycle times. Documents and receipts may be attached to expense reports for auditing and it eliminates the need for paper files.

Additional Mobile Applications to Increase Productivity


action manager.png

Action Manager

Actions allows employees to keep a mobile “To Do” list with them at all times. Actions provides you with a single place to track the “next  actions” you need to take for projects or teams you are managing and for your own individual or private actions.



RightPage is a brainstorming app that helps your organization to be more agile, aligned, focused, and profitable. Easily collaborate with team members to solve problems and agree on priorities faster.

meeting manager.png

Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager allows employees to have a clear meeting purpose and agenda. With the ability to carry-forward open items for closure, review actions & plan progress in real-time and track individual assignments, you can eliminate wasted meeting time.

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