Beyond Software's PSA Tools Are Well-Adapted for Architecture Services

Research indicates that today's architecture software options provide excellent tools for the practice of architecture, such as time management capabilities, email tracking, and project-based spreadsheets. However, few programs incorporate the particulars of structure development into a specifically-designed project management process that captures and manages the details that arise in both the architectural and project management spheres.


Beyond Software's PSA tools cross this threshold and provide architecture professionals the tools they need to meet current industry expectations as well as exceed their business growth goals. And these tools are available just in time, considering the evolutions that are ongoing in the architectural industry as a whole:


Building Industry News

Last year showed improvements across the building and construction industries, including the Architecture Billings Index. From January 2015 through to October 2017, architecture billings increased significantly over the previous biennial; while not yet achieving the lofty numbers pre-2008 crash, the architecture industry appears to be recovering from that debacle. The industry growth means more work and more significant projects are ahead for the nation's architects.


AIA Developments

Last year also marked evolutions within the architecture industry itself. In Spring 2017, the AIA added a few new considerations to the architect's already overflowing project development plate:


Risk Managers

In 2017, the AIA introduced its new Risk Management Program, designed to assist architects to manage their business and professional risk profiles. Developed by the AIA's six-member Risk Management Committee, the program monitors emerging trends in the construction industry.


Profitability Benchmarking

The AIA used survey data to develop this digital tool that compares their activities against those of survey participants. Tracking revenues across company departments, overall profitability, and repeat customer data, the AIA expects that the benchmarking tool will help architecture firms achieve ever-higher levels of success.


Revised AIA Contract Documents

The 2017 Contract revisions affect every professional who uses them. The Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Architect (B101-2017) now includes variable compensation options, as well as changes to progress payment expectations, and adds a termination fee when owners elect to close a project prematurely for personal reasons.  A total of 37 new documents were released this spring, giving the busy architect even more reading assignments for off hours.


Tomorrow’s Architectural + PSA Takes Your Firm Beyond Software

Most architects are more than just the "imaginers" of the building venture; instead, they also take on the jobs of contractor management, calendar coordinator, "inspector whisperer," and more, and today's architect community faces a myriad of emerging challenges with every new project launch.


As a busy architect, you're continually looking for improvements that help you design, build, and complete your projects while keeping costs down and profits up. Beyond Software designed its innovative professional services automation suite precisely to help you meet those goals and build on them to achieve even greater goals in the future.


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