Project Accounting Software

Beyond Software allows you to keep a tight rein on all aspects of your project by monitoring the status and profitability in real-time while enabling you to be more profitable by increasing visibility.


Track Project Costs and Manage Resources

Your project managers are accountable for quality of service, as well as, profitability for projects. Beyond Software enables your project managers to focus your resources and continuously improve your project execution, while growing your profits. It allows them to balance and optimize staff utilization across your organization to increase revenue per employee, client satisfaction and your organization’s profitability.


Capture Time & Expenses From Any Device

The Beyond Software mobile app, available in the iOS/android app stores, makes it easy for your employees to more accurately capture their time and expenses by giving them the tools they need at their fingertips.


Bill Your Clients Faster

Configure different billing cycles and customize invoices to your clients' specifications so you can bill them faster and increase cash flow. Need to change an invoice? Easily reverse and re-issue with the click of a button.


Increase Project Visibility with Reports & Dashboards

Dashboards in Beyond provide a high-level performance overview, while consoles and reports allow you to dig deeper into projects and financials, providing you the data you need to make smart business decisions.


A Complete Project Accounting Suite


Project Budgeting

Quickly budget your projects down to the detail level your organization requires, from a blank “revenue vs expense” budget for simple projects to Project/Task/Account combinations for more complex and detailed projects. This makes it simple to analyze how the project is progressing as the actual work is completed by comparing actual and budgeted time. The detail level is configurable on a project-by-project basis.


Resource Scheduling

Plan out your projects and resources to ensure all employees are utilized effectively and decreases your cost by putting the right people, on the right project, at the right time. Resource scheduling enables you to assign resources to projects on a week by week basis. You can quickly see which resources have availability for each week, as well as, a detailed analysis of what work is scheduled and workloads of employees and contractors, to determine whether a resource is overbooked or a project is going over budget in terms of planned hours. Resource scheduling will enable you to balance and optimize staff utilization across your organization.


Expense Entry

Employees can enter expenses directly to a project, and gives you the option to reimburse the employees for these expenses. Expenses can optionally be marked up (either as a unit rate or a percentage) for billing purposes. Once entered, the expense report can be immediately routed for review and approval, keeping the invoicing process moving and leading to better cash management. You can even attach receipts to the report making expense reporting paperless. Various expense types can be configured to simplify the data entry and for reporting and grouping after the data has been entered.



Project Invoicing in Beyond Software allows you to use flexible billing options to bill your time and/or expenses, with numerous options to base the billing rates on (such as labor class, project account, resource, date, and/or project). Multiple invoice formats are available so you are able to tailor the customer invoice to your specifications, by project, and stipulate the billing schedule desired.


Project/Task Management

Setup an unlimited number of projects, manage your resources and track all aspects of costs versus revenue so you can proactively analyze and manage your projects to profitability. Our project management system allows you to track project types, start and end dates, customer information and much more, all while being able to break the project down into various tasks. Tasks can be individualized by project and provide a way to organize and track your projects. You can budget and record time down to the task level to get a better understanding of your projects and ensure they are progressing as desired.


Time Entry

Employees can book and track time spent on projects and capture detailed notes on the work completed, with the option of displaying those notes in invoicing. You can base the cost of labor on an employee rate or a rate at the labor class level. You can then optionally bill the labor at a rate specific to a number of possible options such as the project, task, resource, or account. Since Beyond Software is delivered via the web, employees can enter their time whenever they are connected to the web instead of waiting until they are back in the office. Once entered, the time can be immediately routed for review and approval. This enables you to shorten your billing time and catch errors early.


Business Intelligence Reports, Consoles & Dashboards

Analyze the progress and profitability of your projects using built-in SSRS reports, or utilize our powerful Business Intelligence Consoles to obtain relevant insight into your projects. The consoles provide a flexible format that allows you to quickly and easily conduct powerful self-service analysis enabling you to review your project data in the format that best suits your requirements. You can add and remove columns, filter data, or customize and group the data. If you have questions about a particular transaction, you can click on the document number to drill back into the source transaction. Optionally, data can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.


Document Management

With Document Management you can attach related or supporting documents, contracts or files from other programs (such as Microsoft Word and Excel) in all modules. You can also attach a web address (URL) to a record in order to provide access to information available on the internet/SharePoint etc.

Project Accounting Software Checklist for Professional Services Organizations

Make sure you know what features you need before investing in a project accounting solution.


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