Project Billing & Invoicing

To be profitable, it's important to be able to determine if your projects are on track, if they are producing expected revenues, and if billings are being properly managed.



Bill Your Clients Faster

With the Beyond Software invoicing process, you will be confident that your billing process will be timely and accurate. Labor costs and material costs are available for billing once approved. Costs can be written off or written up to align to the agreements between you and your customer. There are a selection of many invoice formats out-of-the-box, including an AIA invoice, allowing the proper level of detail to be presented to each customer.

With the ability to reverse an invoice and re-issue if necessary you can easily manage the situations where a customer is disputing a specific charge on an invoice. Beyond Software project invoices can be reversed with the click of a button and then re-issued in the correct amount. The procedure maintains the integrity of the billing process and the customer balance at all times.

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Project Invoicing Benefits


Labor & Materials

While other project software may require you to generate separate invoices for labor costs and material expenses, Beyond Software allows you to select both on a single invoice.

Billing Cycles

Billing cycles can be set up for any interval: daily, weekly, monthly, etc., making it easy to know when each project needs to be billed. This eliminates the need to maintain a separate checklist outside of the product.

Invoice Formats

It is essential to deliver the right level of detail when invoicing customers, so Beyond gives you the ability to select from many different invoice formats to create an invoice with the level of detail the customer is expecting.

Reverse & Re-Issue

If a customer disputes a charge, the invoice can be easily reversed and re-issued with the correct charges. By deselecting individual charges, the transaction remains eligible for inclusion on a future invoice.

Revenue Reporting

Whether included on a pending, submitted or approved invoice, the billable transactions are displayed on consoles and reports to give you an up to the minute view of revenue.

Task/Phase Billing

You can invoice customers for tasks/phases as they are completed and also communicate what additional charges are pending so the customer knows exactly where their project is compared to their budget.

Project Invoicing Highlights



Labor costs and non-labor costs, such as materials, are passed to the invoice so they can be selected for inclusion on an invoice, within a single view.


Invoices can easily be reversed if necessary, and then re-issued and reprinted with corrections.

select costs

Ability to select which costs are included on an invoice or held pending the completion of a task/phase.


Ability to view revenue by invoice, project, or customer while the invoice is in pending, submitted or approved status.

multiple invoice formats

Multiple invoice formats available out-of-the-box. You can select an invoice format that matches the level of detail the customer requests.

write-up costs

Ability to ‘write up’ or ‘write down’ costs to manage to project budgets.

invoice preview

Ability to preview the invoice and make changes, if necessary, before it is printed.

preview billable amounts

Ability to preview billable amounts from timesheets, expense reports, and vendor invoices BEFORE they are approved.

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