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Along with standard financial reports such as GL Trial Balance, AP and AR Aging, Balance Sheet and Income Statement, Beyond Software also offers a number of project reports. With our project reporting, you can see hours, expenses, and billable amounts charged to a project as soon as they are entered. The project reporting allows you to look up information you need and sort the information as desired.



Financial Consoles in Beyond Software allow you to quickly and easily conduct powerful self-service analysis with a flexible analytics solution that enables review of your data from unique perspectives. You can hide and unhide columns to customize what you see in your view. You can group, sort, filter, and zoom in on what you are analyzing. All data can optionally be exported to Excel for further study and analysis.


Beyond Software's project consoles allow you to leverage your project information to gain relevant insight into these projects. Consoles make it quick and easy to assure a new project is set up identically to previous projects, look up past invoices, drill into pending and billable transactions, and review summary performance of projects in terms of actual revenue and expenses versus your budget.


Consoles offer several ways to search:

  • Run a saved search filter.

  • Complete a standard search by selecting operators and specifying values in the console filter row.

  • Complete advanced searches by using the console’s Advanced feature where you can specify multiple filter criteria, use the features of grouping, and use Boolean operators such as AND and OR to set up powerful search queries.


After search results are returned, you can group data with values in common for easier reviewing by dragging column headings to the Group-by pane. For even more specific groupings, you can drag more than one column name to the Group-by pane.

KPIs at your fingertips

At a glance, dashboards provide you an instant snapshot of relevant performance data for projects, financials and time and expenses.


Additionally you can view personal information such as paid-time-off (PTO), your daily actions and meeting management.

Invoicing Dashboard


Consoles provide quick views into data allowing business decisions to be made in a timely manner rather than waiting for a traditional report to print and then finding time to review. Informed decisions can be made quickly with access to the data from within the consoles.

  • Filter on any column or combination of columns

  • Add, hide, or re-arrange columns for easier viewing

  • Easily group data to allow reviewing of data at a summary level with the option to drill into the details as needed

  • Export the data to Excel for further analysis


Consoles compliment traditional reports by providing a quick way to easily conduct powerful self-service analysis into specific data that you can then filter, sort and drill into as needed with the option to export the data to Excel for further analysis. The project consoles deliver relevant insight into your projects so business decisions can be made rapidly based on current data.


The Project Console screen displays all of your projects in a view that makes it easy to see how your projects are defined, the customer (name, address and contact) the project is related to, and which invoice format is being used. Project Consoles also allow you to quickly and easily filter projects by Project Manager, Status, Type, Customer Name, and more so that you have immediate access to the most relevant information.

Use this console for a quick view of how individual projects are performing, as well as, the overall performance of all projects. You can view Labor Hours, Budgeted Labor Hours, Billable Revenue, Non-Labor Costs, Net Billable Revenue, Net Billable Income, Billable Margin, Realization Rate, Billed Amount, Unbilled Amount and Percent Complete. This provides valuable insight into which projects are progressing well and identifies projects early that are on an unprofitable course, giving you the opportunity to make adjustments before it is too late.

The Project Transaction Console provides you the raw information in project transactions which enables you to determine utilization rates and make changes as necessary to improve utilization percentages.

This console is useful when approving timesheets to ensure that everyone has submitted their timesheet and they have been approved before invoicing is scheduled to begin. Timely and complete approval of timesheets helps to ensure billing cycles are optimized. Customers require billing cycles to be on time – especially when the customer needs to pass along some of the costs to their clients.

With the Project Invoice Console you can review monthly billing and see what was billable versus what was billed. This console makes it easy for you to drill down to the billing details and answer questions your customers have about their invoices.

This console is especially beneficial for businesses whose forecasts are driven more at the Task level than the Project level. This console shows you results by a specific Task or all Tasks, and allows you to further analyze those results by drilling into the Projects associated with the tasks.

The Resource Console displays all of your resources, their labor category, their status (active, terminated), their hire and termination dates, team leader, department, and whether the resource is an employee or a subcontractor. This is helpful when staffing new projects and you need quick view of active team members.

Quickly view what projects each resource is assigned to, who their project manager and team leader is, and budget information so you can determine if you need to add or reduce the resource level to balance the project budget.

This console displays the chart of accounts so you can view how each one is set up. When you need to add accounts, the list in this console allows you to find an account that is set up similarly and copy it as a starting point.

Use this console to display all transactions posted to the general ledger. You can filter and sort by periodtransaction date, journal type, module, and many other fields to view history. The GL Transactions Console gives you an easy way to look up transactions and group them by account type and account, providing you with a dynamic ‘trial balance’ view of your records with subtotals.

The Vendors Console displays all of the vendors and their respective information so you can quickly and easily make sure that new vendors are set up similar to previous vendors. Much like the GL Chart of Accounts Console, if you need to add a vendor you can use this console to find a vendor that has been set up similarly and copy it to use as a starting point, saving you time in the process.

This console displays activity for all vendors or individuals based on your filtering and sorting criteria. Use the information to analyze top vendors or view all the vendors you’ve purchased a particular product from to negotiate better prices.

The Customer Activity Console displays activity for all customers or individuals based on your filtering and sorting criteria. Use the information to analyze top customers and determine whether special pricing may be advantageous to closing future projects with the customer.

Use this console to view all of your customers and quickly and easily make sure that new customers are set up correctly. When you need to add a new customer, this list allows you to find one that is set up similarly and copy it as a starting point.

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